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 Forum Rules 
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 Forum Rules
Terms of Use (Forum Rules)

1 Preamble

Dave Hour Glass in forum revolves around the theme of Dave Gahan and a little also to Depeche Mode. Content will be determined by the members. They exchange information on news about Dave Gahan, Depeche Mode and other topics and use the platform for contacts with other users.

The private life of the artist is private. Do not post pictures of caregivers, children, etc.
1 No spamming (PMs, e-mail, post).
2 No double posting. If it happens, pls edit.
3 No burning.
4 No threats (to himself, other members or anyone not usually. Zero Tolerance)
5 Be polite to the staff.
6 No personal insults.
7 NO racism is tolerated.
8 No adult material

2 Membership

The Forum is a privately operated and free for its users. Therefore, there is no legal right to participation or membership in the forum.

b. The operators and moderators try their best to make the forum as an open platform for everyone. If, however, contrary to the interests of the Forum, its members, the operator or its affiliates or the forums peace to be disturbed, the operator reserves the right to terminate individual members temporarily or permanently access.

c. Membership in the forum is not transferable. The passing of credentials for a user account to third parties is prohibited and may be punishable by expulsion from the forum.

3.The registry

For a registration, the user must specify its full and correct name and a valid e-mail address or update his account accordingly. The data of the user will not be published or passed on and in accordance with the data protection regulations treated (see separate data protection tips).

According to the current law on § § 7 et seq Telemedia Act, the operator of a forum for offenders of the participants as so-called Mitstörer can be held accountable. To adhere not only to infringements of third parties, the operator reserves the right to trace the identity of the members. User accounts that do not allow conclusions as to the identity can be deleted

b. When registering, the following points should be noted:

- There are no multiple registrations allowed. The use of multiple user accounts, the permanent ban of your account and loss. Members who have registered prior to 1.9.2009 and run multiple user accounts can be put together this until 30.09.2009. After that date, duplicate accounts will be deleted.

- The registration of a throw-away or disposable email address is as forbidden as the use of a so-called Anon proxies during the registration process. Appropriate user accounts are deleted.

- When choosing a user name, the rights of other natural or legal persons shall not be infringed. The use of trademarks or company names and the names of celebrities is not allowed (as Nick "DaveGahan81" here does not fall under).

- User names that make no sense, are offensive, consist only of repeating characters or contain special characters are not allowed.

- Who wants to change his user name used for this purpose, please use the contact form to the administrator.

4 Avatars, signatures, profile information

a We expressly welcome the use of personal photos as avatars. In the use of other images, make sure that the rights of third parties are not infringed. Erotic representations or animated images are not allowed.

b. Signatures should be a maximum of four rows high and can not contain text or graphics that violate the law, in particular copyright, morality or the legitimate interests of the owner. The use of widgets from social networks like Twitter, is expressly allowed.

c. Avatars and signatures may not contain graphics that are larger than 15 kilobytes or alter the layout of the forum. Graphics may not be wider than 750 pixels and higher than 90 pixels.

d avatars and signatures that violate above rules may, at any time werden.Es deleted by the operator applies for a transitional period until 31 October 2009.

e information in the user profile have truthfully and with respect to the personal information to be complete. Meaningless information are not permitted.

5 Content

a The user gives the operator a simple, spatial, temporal and textual unrestricted right to use the content posted by users content (eg text, images, graphics, video) and recycle. The user is expressly stated ("guest") that remain published content posted by him even after deletion of his account in the forum under an anonymous username, a claim for cancellation of such content does not exist.

b. The user is solely responsible for its content. He agrees not to post or link to content that violates the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany or morality. This especially applies to criminal laws, copyrights and privacy rights.

c. The user further agrees not to create or link to content that apply to general morals or last instance decision by the operator to be offensive, including without limitation for abusive, defamatory, extremist, vulgar or pornographic content.

d The user is aware that its contents even after the termination of membership and even after the deletion through search engines or online archives continue to remain available. Then the operator has no influence.

6 Conduct, cross-posting, spam

a The interaction with each other should be based on mutual respect and courtesy. Netiquette contains general rules of behavior which are part of these Terms and Conditions.

b. The post of the same topic in multiple forums (so-called cross-posting) is not allowed. The same goes for massive contributions that are distributed via the forum (spam).

7 Personal data

a The operator shall ensure compliance with the applicable data protection laws. For details, refer to the privacy policy.

b. The publication of real name, postal address, phone number, email address or other personal information of a user is not permitted without its consent. Private Messages (PMs) or content of e-mails, chat logs, etc. may not be published, too.

c. The user is obliged to keep secret his credentials to prevent misuse by unauthorized third parties.

8 -Albums

a user can photos in an album on the server of the operator upload and publish them

b. The User warrants to the publication of the pictures that he is the creator of the image, does not violate any rights of third parties and / or with the appropriate rights. He also noted in the representation of people's so-called "right to his own image".

9 Rule violations

a The moderators may posts that violate the Terms of Use or netiquette, at any time - without notice - change, move or delete.

b. For minor infringements of the rules of the forum users will be remembered with a short and friendly exhortation to the observance of the rules.

c. For repeated or serious violations, the user is cautioned with a yellow card (). In this case, the user receives a message with the title "You have received a warning" along with a justification of the warning and the number of warning points for the violation.

d Collect a 30 user warning points will be time-limited user account (usually a month) or permanently disabled (). Warning points will expire after a certain time if the user commits no further violations of the rules. This table provides information about which caution points is as follows:

BASIC caution points / Expiry
Foul signature 5/30
Foul Avatar 5/30
Unauthorised advertising 10/60
Spam / Crosspostings 10/30
Repeat false or meaningless Profile Information 10/60
Publication of private news 10/60
Infringement of copyright 10/60
Provocations by other users 10/60
Inappropriate language 10/60
Publication of other users' data 10/60
Talk about user locks 10/60
Disregard of moderator instructions 10/60
Abuse of other users, slander, 15/60
Disturbance of the peace Board 15/90
Multiple registrations 30/nie/dauerhafte lock
Disclosure of access 30/nie/dauerhafte lock

For all other non-listed violations of rules, the moderators decide under all the circumstances.

e The operator expressly reserves the right to deviate in particularly severe violations or in case of repetition of the procedure and to deprive permanently access users.

10th Lock down user accounts

a The lock a user account works against the underlying natural or legal person. A new application with a different name is not allowed. The operator expressly reserves for infringements of legal action against this person before.

b. About the lock a user account that usually define the moderation team as a body. In urgent cases, each moderator has the right to suspend a user, in this case decided by the moderation team as soon as possible.

c. Banned users can contact us via email at any time to the operator, in order to clarify the reasons for the lock.

e A public discussion of closures is not permitted. Appropriate contributions will be deleted.

11th Complaints about users and moderators

complaints about a user should be directed to the appropriate presenter. Offensive posts may be reported on the exclamation mark () to the moderation team.

b. Even moderators are only human and make mistakes. Anyone who feels unfairly treated by a moderator or believes to have been unfairly warned or admonished, it should first try to clarify with the presenter himself. It is not possible to clarify the complaint must be sent to an administrator.

c. Public discussions about moderators and / or actions of a moderator are not permitted; relevant topics openings or posts will be deleted.

12th Advertising

advertising for a commercial offers is strictly prohibited. As commercially applies any offer, directly or indirectly, money should be earned on.

b. Party organizers are allowed to open a topic in the "Party for the Masses" forum for each event. In addition, they may carry a two-line note in the signature.

c. Links that contain a reference ID to participate in an affiliate program, are not permitted. Exception of links with reference IDs of partners of the operator.

13th Limitation of Liability

a The operator assumes no liability for the accuracy and reliability of the published content.

b. The operator is not liable for the content and activities of users. The text, graphics and links made available by the members do not reflect the opinion of the operator again. The operator makes the contents of the articles does not endorse and distances himself from them. The same applies to links to other offers as well as the content of linked pages.

c. The operator is only responsible for external content, when he has positive knowledge of them and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent access to the contents. Under the Telecommunications Act, the operator is not obliged to monitor third-party content continuously.

d The operator assumes no liability for the functionality and deployment of the forum.

e The operator is not liable for loss of data or for the unauthorized acquisition of personal information by third parties.

f In addition, the operator shall be liable only for gross negligence or intentional violations of fundamental contractual obligations by him or his agents. The liability is limited to the typically foreseeable average damage. Liability for neglect of duty is excluded.

14th Exemption

The user shall indemnify the operators of all third-party claims and related costs thereby incurred by the operator, the operator of that third parties for alleged or actual violations to complete.
15th Final provisions

a The operator may change these Terms of Use at any time. In this case, the member that agrees to the changes, if either expressly agrees to them or does not object within 14 days by e-mail.

b. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany. This also applies to members from other countries. Jurisdiction is the domicile of the owner.

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